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2021 Covid Update

Happy Summer!!  We know you’re all wondering (as we have been 😊) what camp will look like this year in light of Covid precautions.


After reading through current State recommendations, consulting other camp programs that are already underway, much consideration and prayer…we want to communicate some expectations for The Encounter 2021. 


Our ultimate desire is to create a Spiritually impactful week for our campers and staff while maintaining an environment where safety is the highest priority.  As El Paso County (and surrounding counties) have removed mask mandates…and we have several weeks of data showing significant reduction in Covid cases (especially in children in our age demographic), we feel comfortable moving forward without mask expectations at camp as well.  


Unless things change significantly in the next six weeks, we intend to run camp this summer with no mask expectation for campers or staff.  That said, we:


  • will require every staff member to arrive with a negative Covid test…so that we can ensure the environment is safe for our campers to arrive.

  • will amend our schedule to support all possible activities being moved outdoors (statistics show that exposure to virus transmission is significantly reduced…almost eliminated…when outdoors)

  • will amend our dining hall schedule to spread out the number of people eating indoors at one time.

  • will enforce enhanced hygiene practices for all campers and staff (to include hand washing, cleaning of common spaces frequently, hand sanitizer stations, etc.)


Ultimately, we want to do everything we can to create a healthy and safe camp environment for your child while also honoring the core tenants of our program which include chapel and worship.  Our hearts are united in the desire to give our teenage friends a safe place to process all that 2020 has produced and create an environment where they can encounter God.  We believe that corporate chapel and worship are necessary elements to that priority.  As most churches have been back to indoor gatherings with no masks for months now, we feel compelled to offer the same opportunities for worship to our camp family.


That said, we will monitor both staff and camper symptoms daily, and anyone who develops any Covid-related symptoms will be isolated and monitored.  If symptoms do not cease, they may be asked to return home.  We ask that you or a trusted loved one be available to pick up a sick camper within 4 hours of notification. 


We recognize that some of you may be in unique situations with at-risk family members at home and we respectfully trust your choice to make the best decision for your family in this season.  If that means camp might not be an option for you this year, we honor you, we love you, and we’re looking into live-stream options for some of our events (like worship night!) so that everyone can participate even from afar.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


We love you dearly and are hard at work to prepare a safe place for all to Encounter Him this summer.


Much Love –

Sarah Miles

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