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Pushing into the


BNDRY 2022

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Break your boundaries

In 2001, SEP left the northern woods of Minnesota for good...but for many of us, our hearts remain in the dense forests of the boundary waters where we first encountered God.

Led by M633, we're going back to those waters to push past our barriers: our physical ones, our spiritual ones...back to the place it all began.

Very limited availability for summer 2019.  Prepare for a new encounter.  (NOTE: This event is for STAFF/FUTURE STAFF ONLY that has completed 2 credits of TRNSFRM).

BNDRY 2019.

The Arrival

Thursday, Jxxx xxth.

0900 hours

Suit up!  All parties to arrive in St Paul International for grid landing, gear check and rental car allocation.  From there, we'll travel 318 miles due north for the next 5 hours or so, stopping only for bio breaks and rations.  By 3pm, all parties will arrive at the northern outfitter.

The outfitter will take us to our deployment and extraction zone, item 405 in the BWCA boundary.  From there, we'll be dropped off and left only with the preallocated 4 day rations, a few tents, a couple of cooking items and the canoes we need to get us safely home.  Bedding down for night 1 is only a few hours northeast into the wilderness at base site 049, after hitting our first grueling 2.2 mile portage.  Get some rest tonight...the next three days will be no cakewalk.

Beast Mode Activated

Friday, Jxxx xxth.

0700 hours

Good morning there camper!  Ready for day 2?  (hidden content, agenda deployment after acceptance packets arrive!)

Hit the Rapids!

Saturday, Jxxx xxst.

0900 hours

Are those rapids?  Yep.  And we're not going around them.  Oh, and no boat for you either!  Better tighten your life vest!  Day 3 is going to be interesting for you, camper. (hidden content, agenda deployment after acceptance packets arrive!)

Still reading this AND HAVEN'T SIGNED UP!?

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