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Discipline is NOT a Bad Word

By: Ms. Howell

In drama class, some of you rated how you felt about certain words Ms.Egbert said using thumbs up, sideways, or down, and one of the words was discipline.

Hebrews 12 talks of throwing off sin and other hindrances, and go about the race of life at the speed He has set. The chapter even starts with the header, “God’s Discipline Proves His Love.” Jesus endured a terrible tragedy at the cross, ignored the shame, and wants us to continue fighting, for we have yet to lose our lives in our battles against sin. Later on in the chapter, it is brought up that the Lord’s discipline is not meant to harm us, but rather to correct our paths.

Woah! Guys this alone is a big deal! Most of us would respond to the word discipline with a thumbs down, but the Bible is saying discipline is good for us. On the mountaintop, it is so easy to follow and correct, but coming down, everything changes. In the changes, from camp to home, or wherever you are transitioning in life, find someone to hold you accountable, because keeping yourself disciplined in times of trouble is difficult. Remember your fight club, because we love you, and will support you through anything!


Who do I have to be my support system and keep me accountable from our fight club?

What is it going to take from me, to go through life at the pace set before me?

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