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Virtual Encounter!!

Hello Friends! We are so excited to announce VIRTUAL ENCOUNTER! Gathering at camp events over the years has built such an epic family of believers…we’ve learned so much about God and grown significantly together. But this year, we don’t want those opportunities to be limited just once or twice a year. We’re taking our gatherings online in 2020…and we’re so expectant to watch our family grow in our spiritual awareness and maturity! Here are the details – please use the sign up link at the bottom of this email!

WHO – This is for EVERYONE! The invite is for ALL campers, staff AND parents. If you’d

like to grow your knowledge/awareness of God and His Word…join us! Our learning platform enables everyone to watch content on their own time…and ZOOM enables us to break off into small groups for discussion. We’ll have breakout groups for campers and staff…as well as breakout groups for parents. This is great for families…you can all get the same content/grow together…without being in the same groups/affecting your kids ability to grow with their peers etc. If you’re hungry for more spiritual connection…this is a great opportunity. WHY – I believe with everything in me that the enemy’s greatest weapon against our generation is DISTRACTION. If he can keep us mindless and on Instagram & Netflix…he has no fear of us stepping into our Godly Identity and using God’s authority to establish His Kingdom around us. There is so much more to life…so much more to the bible…so much more to our individual purpose and passions. Let’s lean in together and watch what God can do through a family that is fully alive/awake and engaged. WHEN – Tuesday &/OR Thursday evening’s from 7:30pm – 8:30pm MST. So essentially you’re signing up to watch 2 messages a month…whenever you want to…then jump online to discuss/grow together. We plan to launch the week of September 7th and will send more details shortly.

If you’d like to add more spiritual community and priority to your year…join us! You can sign up here. Can’t wait to grow with you this year – Sarah Miles, Director

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