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Know Your Source

Written by: Ms. Mims

Sources can come from a lot of places. People, social media, TV, music, family, friends, and a million others. Regardless of the number of sources in your life, it’s important to know the most important one- God.

Often times, these other sources around us can distract us from knowing, hearing and trusting in our one true source. That is why it is so important to be intentional about what and who we are allowing ourselves to be plugged into. Whatever source you are plugged into is what you will get out of it. Make sure what your plugged into is going to deliver the type of return you want to see in your life and what the Lord wants to see, as well.

Prayer, daily quiet time, church, small groups, worship music and fellowship with your fight club are great ways to stay plugged into your one true source, Jesus. The great news about plugging into this source, is you never have to worry about what this source is providing. It will always be for good and life giving.

Read Philippians 4:8

What are some sources you’re plugged into currently that you feel you may need to unplug from or that may need some attention?

What are your favorite ways to plug into your one true source?

What are some new ways you’d like to be plugged into the Lord or with your fight club?

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