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Moses -- Part 2: Choosing Blessing or Lessons

By: Mrs. Strub

A major reason God delivered Israel from Egypt was that he wanted the Egyptians to acknowledge that HE was the true God. The Egyptians had over 2000 gods, but they didn’t know the one and only true God. And he wanted his own people the Israelites to know without a doubt that he was the Lord. In the 400 years they had been slaves in Egypt, they had lost hope. They didn’t think God could or would save them.

Through Moses, God caused 10 terrible plagues to happen in Egypt. God used all the things the Egyptians worshipped to fail them and turn their country into a wasteland. The Egyptians were forced to admit that their gods were powerless and that the God of Israel was the real God. After Israel escaped from Egypt, God continued to care for and help Israel through miracles.

But what happened when Moses became proud and took credit for a miracle of God?

READ Numbers 20:1-8

God had done many miracles through Moses. Notice his clear instructions to Moses to BRING the staff and SPEAK to the rock.

But when Moses went out to get water for the people, notice what he said and did:

READ Numbers 20:9-12

Moses forgot where his power came from. He took the credit instead of giving God honor and respect. He didn’t follow God’s instructions. He learned a terrible LESSON that couldn’t be undone.

But despite his mistake, God loved Moses:

Deuteronomy 34:10-11

Hebrews 11 lists many people through history who knew and followed God. Moses is listed there as a man of faith. And when Jesus showed his disciples a glimpse of the future in Matthew 17:1-3, Moses was there. Moses made a mistake that cost dearly him in his earthly life, but he will spend eternity with God.

No matter how successful you become, remember that God gives you every breath you breathe. He gave you your talents. He has helped you through every part of your life. In the story Moses, and in our lives, God wants us to know who he is, and he wants us to respect and obey him as Lord. Will you choose God’s BLESSINGS or LESSONS?

Apply what you learned:

1. What kinds of things do people trust in, instead of God?

2. Make sure you always give God credit for what he has given you, and what he does in your life. What are some of the blessings that God has given you? Talents?

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