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Weathering the Storm

By: Miss Mims

Mountaintop experiences, like the one we just had, are some of the greatest experiences God can give us. They provide us revelation, self reflection and insight and a chance to get away from the everyday to listen for the voice of God.

All of these things are great and truly a blessing from the Lord, but often times, this can cause us to come home with several things we are wanting to change or think about changing.

My pastor has always said, "You are either heading out of a storm, currently in a storm, or about to head into one." I find that sometimes, after camp, it's good to do a kind of 'check in' and ask ourselves which ones of these places we might fit into. Figuring out what kind of season of life we are in can help us tune into the Holy Spirit and figure out what exactly we need to hear in this particular season.

In Acts 27, Paul finds himself in the middle of a very tricky storm as he heads to Rome with other prisoners. He is afraid for his life, as well as many others. But, what Paul realizes in the end is that the storm and the shipwreck are what ultimately bring him and others to land and safety in the end. The voyage was not quick or easy, and not everyone wanted to listen to Paul during this journey, but it is what ultimately helps him save his life as well as others.

Whether you are currently in, heading out, or heading into a storm, God is with you every step of the way. I found myself heading into quite a big one once I got home from camp. But, the thing I realized is that I would have had a completely different outlook on these storms had I not been at camp all week. So, see it as both a blessing and an opportunity that God allowed you to attend camp to find your fight club, answer some questions, and equip you as you head into this new season!

And, most importantly, remember to keep your eyes on your Savior, not your storm.


Which of the storm phases applies to you? In a storm, heading out of a storm, or heading into a storm?

What tools did God equip you with or give you at camp that can help you in your current "storm phase?"

What are some storms you've been through, that at the time seemed difficult, but taught you some valuable lessons?

Think and pray over your next season and ask God what he wants to teach you about himself and about you.

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